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made of barley, oats and rice, but fomewhat thick ;
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Art. XVIII. — The Principles of Surgery. By James Miller, F.R.S.E., &c, &c.
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would be restored to the encephalon as would in many cases support life, until
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paralysis) occurred within a month after the infection. He
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separating adhesions or otherwise, may be the starting-point
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ABter Fremontii, Gray, T. & G. Fl. N. A. ii, 503.
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from Listerian dressings, G7 ; carbonic as a poison
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against psriosteal flaps. Dr. Bryant presented speci-
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ployment of the pregnant mother at heavy labour until the birth
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vertigo. He passed his musket to a comrade, staggered a moment, and
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have solved, in a truly practical and unique manner, one of the
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For this evil it is difficult to suggest an immediate remedy, such is
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answer was : " The kindergarten teaches everything." From such a
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frivolous society, had come to have a worn, jaded look that destroyed
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" At an adjourned meeting of the Bay State Medical Reform Associa-
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tumor. N ot being able to procure long common pins, I was forced to use
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not so much to be feared for its immediate danger, as for the
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rot be forced out at the anus ; wherefore as foon as
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The orifice is to be inspected, and, if too small, enlarged, before
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As one who has borne the burden of the secretarial duties, I
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shown a hardly perceptible growth, begins to develop rapidly.
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more serviceable. The prolonged use of the warm bath, or wrap-
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same as those in the cases previously reported from this laboratory by
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in the larynx and 1550 cases of malignant tumors. Of
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The new British Pharmacopoeia employs a much more searching
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blood- vessels coming from the umbilical arteries accordingly
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Tpeatment. • — A great variety of remedial measures have been
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street, and for not keeping his gutters clean. Nevertheless,
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under anaesthesia. Herr Middeldorpf operated on the right side, removing a