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Chart 2. — Record of patient (A. W.) showing characteristic changes of a

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5. The door or window of exit must be promptly closed and

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however, show that the hog-cholera bacillus may cause these buttons, and we

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its development. They are most frequently multiple, the

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portion of these concerns, at any rate of the inconspicuous

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investigations show various instances in which this or-

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tetic and other regulations of himself and followers — Psy-

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honorary degree of M. D. In 1803, he removed to Chester, Vermont, where

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that of hfismophilia. But in reality one must not be led to conclude

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R. Ext. rhsei., sulph. quina aaT)j. ut fiant pil. duodecim,

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(1) With equivalent molecular proportions of sodium hydroxide

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Theae are other records of the existence of malaria in

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sus ani. It consists of a falling or protrusion of the bowels. In

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siderably. The case then resolves itself into whether it

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gical treatment! Two or three instances will suffice.

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great advantage of having a less disagreeable odour, and causing no

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cent, the previous health was said to have been good.

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blood cells had decreased or returned to normal limits. Hirschfeld^^

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ocean. These marshy low lands, covered in some parts with fresh, and

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course, will not react very favorably upon your repii-

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five years ending 1880, the deaths being 181, of which 81 (53 females

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have be^ reported were found in padents who were over forty years old.

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firmly adherent to one another. ( 6 ) Sometimes only a thin membrane

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" Mrs. V. had been a precocious child both physically and mentally. She

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