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the chest, especially if the pleurisy is not recent, yet I have

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The very careful post-mortem examination of the calf renders

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Fig. 9. Experimental hypertrophic cirrhosis after 21 days. The fleshy, pink

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abdominal belt might be dispensed with as soon as possible. The results of

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from the human body. I emphasise this, because an attempt was

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and had never previously had ague. She was pale and malarious-looking; the pulse 100, and

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<Arch. Comp. M. & S., N. Y., v. 1 (1), Jan., p. 34. [W a .]

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No lesion could produce such a condition, with its peculiar localization,

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Remittances should be made by money-order, draft, or registered

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tion Committee — G. B. Giltner, chairman; Julius W. Scheibler,

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Agricultural Society, vol. v., 1894, these remarks are based.

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have your views made more public than the nature of the circumstances

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in tenements and apartment houses, it is found that the

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for hernia, but nowadays surgical operations are very much standard-

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one should never be satisfied by the mere determination

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less than the calculated amount of oxalic acid, and then reconverted

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and then empty the sac, as you would do in a case of hernial

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steers, and five (5) were calves of various dairy breeds.

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trifling, little, insignificant bunion put a check on her pleasure.

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pure culture and three times mixed with other organisms.

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He gave a history of an illness at the age of eight,

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wavy vessels. Decidual cells were not found. The autlior puts

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cooked, by which time it will have considerably sunk in the