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style of the caricatures seen in much of Steinlen's work of the 1890s likewise
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After a careful antiseptic cleansing, M. Reclus covers the wound
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623. Marrow Pudding— Ingredients— 1>^ pts. of boiling milk, yi
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On 3b purSe of potato, or in potato gelatine, it forms prominent translucent
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and Charleston one each. From puerperal fever. New York
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tions. Last year I attended a railway accident, in which double
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from the urethra by perineal incision. — Dr. Scott presented a child 3
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medical school. Applicants for psychiatric resident and
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hospital about eight or ten days previous to his death, in a
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proved sufficiently to permit extensive exploration
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It would seem to be superfluous to recapitulate the require-
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left knee. The patella was broken into six or eight pieces. The soft
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connection with these bald spots. Microscopic exam-
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secundis horis ad effectum; enema terebinth, pil. cal. et scill. ter. in
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gie, etc., determined to study the subject accurately from the collective
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cause, whatever it might be, and increased the obstruc-
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flaps should not be too closely united with sutures."
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alpina. With the advent of May, or sometimes earlier,
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the stay of the patients only three days (I found the
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