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pharynx and tonsils of these patients on blood-agar plates. The
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lives may be lost through his want of care, or want of knowl-
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By Marie Karlen, Reserve Nurse Corps, and Pharmacist's Mate
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or ascites; radema of the ankles quite marked; feet and hands cold; over the
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Let any careful observer place the thermometer under
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or of a fluid, when we sought its nature and purpose ? and
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of this is of the utmost importance ; blankets may convey
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are mild at the onset ; the secretions of the middle
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Maternity, and the results he was obtaining. We de-
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margin of a shovel, that is» an instrument with a dull edge.
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or post back of her, pulling the foot back far enough
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Baker, Brinkman, Simanek, Pickering, Leeds, Tschauner, Schafer, , T ghe
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deceived as to the progress of events and surgical relief unduly postponed.
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cause of eclectic medicine, }^et we reserve the right to entertain
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with any haemorrhage from the interior of the organ,
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it ought to be much larger in warm-blooded animals than in cold. I
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should not contra-indicate operation in a proper case,
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ported by A. Bergman^*, which was overcome by injection of
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The whole body at this time exhales a peculiar foetid
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Systems, Inc., recently commented on MSNJ’s Lifeline news-
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take even the least recreation. The disease develops usually
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you may use equal parts of lard and butter ; butter alone
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better notion of the i)opularity of beer as a beverage
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certain other collateral incidents, excited suspicions
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p. 26) came to the church, but the Brothers could effect
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