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exists, there are, undoubtedly, currents of negative electricity mov-
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as albumin in the urine, a high tension pulse, and hypertrophied heart.
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Filcz, who has obtained remissions in 25 per cent of the cases
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At the autopsy, we saw that the bistoury had opened one of the
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chloroform exerts its greatest influence upon the opsonin, or its
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years old entered the hospital in Juboulay's service a
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No. 7 or No. 9, with two steel unplated needles, either 2.50. .02.
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the feeding of others on ' swill and wash ' can produce the
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cannot be fully realized, and utilized, until this irrigation
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practitioners, is, to inform the people how they may
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performed by a gynaecologist, who was at that time, and
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hibits the same type of curve. The diabetic blood sugar dialyzes
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iJ witb. a little whiskey, but hardly considered herself an invalid, and did
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purpose which is the attribute of every straightforward, hard-
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the whites of the eggs, a cupful of sugar and the juice of the
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of the profession toward opticians and spectacle peddlers.
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second, at third month ; third, at seventh month ; fourth, at three and
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Fig. 285. — Exposure of the ulnar nerve in the upper third of the arm. M. N. Median
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siness, and to arouse them to double their diligence in
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tinguished Eastern aurist recently remarked to me that he had,
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Nineteen cases of scarlet fever were admitted to hospital,
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Re-Establishment with the assistance of the research department of the
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and that his hands have not come in contact with any wound or
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well as the parents are all females. For generation after gen-
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seeking to lie down ; but if he does, he soon rises again. Respi-
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very young, the rarity of these fractures is explained by the nature
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sustained a severe injury of the head, and a fractured thigh,
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reading or doing work which requires close inspection should