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applied to the privy parts for fome hours together,
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Officers of Health give many times over value for money received, still
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or weeks, and in the same quantities, it cannot bear it.
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or napkins the patient shuld be instructed to carefully fold in
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divided nerve, above its point of section, all the pre-
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to facilitate the oifiusion of suppurative inflammation in
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Many times, a diuretic aione can’t keep hypertension
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the individual. We know how closely the moral and mental
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ployed as a purgative by the ancients ; Hippocrates recom-
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cases operated on by Professor Simpson. In none of these cases
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matic and local conditions of Quito do not a{)i)ear to
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""■ ''^ j>' , ^'j gbout two-thir^ of the casea are reported, it is
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cases, as well as in some others, it did not appear that any
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protrusion in the abdominal wall, and he thought he was
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Art. I. — Of the duties of physieians for the support of professional char-
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in session in Copenhagen, received and accepted an invitation to
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i8th century generally, it is still well worth reading.^ The following quotation,
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readings of a wet-bulb.thermometer, an instrument in which the
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QvjiNiA as a partnrient. By W. L. LidooId, M.D « 245
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by his preconceptions, tnat the causes of the similarity lay in the nearly identical physi-
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fastness and the conditions favoring its production are not clear.
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*Read before the Michigan State Medical Society, June
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