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3 Reveil : — Des Desinfeetants, et de leurs Applications a la Therapeutique ;

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The method of testing the quality of plaster of Paris is by taking

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being propagated upwards to that portion of the cord in contact

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society, cheerful employments, and cheerful exercise.

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those awaiting action of trial for the more serious forms of de-

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posed, by day and by night, to the miasmata which infest the margins

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of War, as the Ladies' Committee have decided to suspend entirely the supply of Comforts to the

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the fits, when they are irritated, and it seems, therefore, that

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in the direction of chemistry is unlimited, seeing that there

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of the vessels, (g) Eupture of an aneurism, (h) Cachectic disease.

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the suture are inserted. The center of these threads is placed along

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vinced that a temperature of 200 degrees will effectually

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invested heavily in GWAS. But the approach proved poor at ex-

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On the other hand, we have the evidence of blood beneath the pleura, and

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matically in the past two decades,” says Nigel Paneth, a pediatri-

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person without upset — parturition for instance. These are defective

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be thrown in, and with but little force* left the ten-

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wicked and terrible things. By putting all things into confusion,

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always the same disease, the manifestations of which are separated,

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ployed as bearers, they must first receive authorising orders from

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massage does not induce any obvious change in the blood pressure.

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It was decided to hold their meetings at regular intervals hereafter.

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paper had underrated the suffering from direct pres-

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has kindly placed at my disposal the unpublished results of an investigation