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I have seen a few cases of syphilitic tumour in which, although the more
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acute nephritis, phlebitis, cardiac failure, cerebral hemor-
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the intra-uterine injection of iron might be a suitable remedy in cases of pri-
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to recover S aureus from any of the multiple sites cultured
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Mr. Keefer. — Before we leave section 6, 1 would like to call the
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pots in the hold, well, and bread-room; stoves in the orlop, cable-
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views are confined to his closet and his laboratory,
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introduced may only push the body further out of reach, or touch
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have been recorded. The symptoms of these various disorders may there-
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and found normal, thereby confirming a similar and solitary observa-
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The mites of the family Listrophoridae live in the fur ,.of
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have outweighed its benefits, and at the present time
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not working very hard with the curette ; I am just using it gently.
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Hesketh Biggs, J. A. Gunn, James Lochhead, Stuart M'Donald,
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seven centimetres from the anus, but any portion of the rectal surface
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With regard to the prophylaxis of .simple sporadic goitre resulting
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11 we found this reaction sluggish, and in 3 it tended to be of an
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causing the absorption of the infiltration is by closely envelop-
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urged. Objective symptoms are always very greatly desired in medico-