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and the general principles have been acquired, the student is
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ciated with any uterine ailment. An error in diagnosis, however, may be
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(d) Parenchymatous — pressure (tamponade), heat, ligation en
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in three pairs, greater in inspiration in forty- two pairs, and smaller in
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have been adopted in the clinical psychopathic laboratory with
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As a primary disease, however, I believe that you will rarely meet
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From Table XIV it is seen that the types of pneumococcus usually
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temperature in most cases falls below the normal, but in some
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of the south of India ; *j" and an able lecturer had
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however, in this direction failed to furnish any evidence of such
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and Structure of Cancer. By Henry Arnott, F.R.C.S. — This paper is one of
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them, which he believed to be physiologically as un-
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neck, inducing great local tenderness and pain. The sensa-
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same direction. In 1863, Davaine (10) resumed the investigations which
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of the deposition of urates in the joints, because it also occurs in other
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chorda tympani, while the ordinary sense of touch belongs really
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From Mr. Webster I have since learned the following par-
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fields as the embryo develops becomes the nervous mechanism of
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up the pot with fresh v>'ater, replace the beef, and let it boil
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find the summer heat relatively as excessive as elsewhere,
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<Exper. Station Rec, Wash., v. 15 (3), Nov., p. 297. [W a , W c .]
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ments in the affected place, and on public thoroughfares.
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tion, and an artificial gall-bladder intestinal fistula made.
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Hospital Gazelle, for July, Dr. F. Poland, of Houston, Texas, has an
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The one . pathological condition from which it is most
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was opened, cleaned and drained, and the cellulitis and ulcer
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I cannot but suspect that the chloroform had an injurious