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pregnancy, and also during the time the mother is nursing

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Section 3. That the standard of qualifications required of persons desiring

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a period earlier than the time of apical change in the positive cases.

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meet every advocate of antisepticism with the query,

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of the institution has been very rapid. This has been made possible

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by Abraham and by the patriai'chs, judges, and kings,

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ing, blistering, physicking, starving, with all their refrig-

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and certainly less fatal, than formerly. Some, as small pox,

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his country in two World Wars in the United States Navy (attaining the

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and injections of salvarsan has proved unexpectedly successful in

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to continue and keep up the convulsions. Such a child seems

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ration and trial ; second, were I to wait for an accumulation of

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lems, and talking them over in some degree of fervour, and polemi-

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should be varied if all the wants are to be supplied;

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first, grows increasingly intense, and becomes sharp, biting, and very

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to see him in the absence of Dr Eonaklson, and I am indebted to

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parasites ; consequently, energy is wasted, so to speak,

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may mean a diminution of the mother instinct, or its total

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tion and parturition will be presented in a new and simple form, viz., as

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it has no longer sufficient of its proper secretion to construct another

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illnesses characterized by repeated and severe respirator^