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unsound mind at the time the offense charged was committed, he himself, or
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first volume of which appeared in February, 1858, the last about two months a^. On
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the least irritating, is as reliable as silk, and can be cut short,
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Blenorrhagia is not the only catarrhal affection which complicates
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philos., 1838, T. L, pp. 136 and 6d7.—Andral, Anat. path., IL, p. 139.—
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button cautery, or Corrigan's button, is the form employed, a latch key
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gical treatment! Two or three instances will suffice.
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Second. — We have further noted that, when the disease had
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first of these two unsatisfactory tests related to the
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On and after July 1, 1864, the annual subscription to this Journal will be
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described with great moderation in the Bryce Commission's
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ingredients, can be used in determining the quantities of organic
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factors left out. We should especially have some in-
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William Parnel, aged forty, proprietor of an eating house ; of
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of the male pelvic outlet becomes surgically important with the
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infection of the body occurs : in the second there is no local lesion at
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avoid possible loss and fraudulent use of an official
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Brook Street where I have ever since lived ; running
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I have every reason to believe, died from the administration of mercury given
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making lateral incisions. The incisions should run from before
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By continued inoculation the ulcers become less and less until no
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She died, partly of a broken heart, partly of a cruel disease, at the early age
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coarser material (shorts) should be substituted, for a brief period
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deposit was abundant in three cases, small or moderate in five
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