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cent of some other urine, also from healthy persons, may be required to

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num n. sp. 59 pp., 2 pis. 8°. Cassell. [Lib. Stiles.]

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1 Reese in Independent Practitioner, p. 247, 18m>.

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received a sudden check. A somewhat similar emotion or state

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actual dislocation is to be feared. Immobilize the joint with a Mayor

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in the past ten years. Half of these physicians took their first year of

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the open air, and every such district should be put under rigorous

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As my eonftirt was afraid that the operation might increase the

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Fuller refers to Dr. Nicholson's special treatment with

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expelled through the same unnatural aperture. The child was a male,

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j)le thing to manage. The patients could be sent there ;

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Since then, A. G. Gibson 2 has collected thirteen cases from the

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chine. Now a coil can readily be made of two wires,

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Lympliaiigitis is knoTm by a variety of names, as Monday

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entrance soon healed, and pus, which soon began to be dis-

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* In a week or two after the above was written, the discharge became

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and rational signs had given nneqoivocal evidence of

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cittes the ICedical Staff from the unjust aspersions contained

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gelatinous mass, semi-translucent, and of a deep straw or lemon color. On

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appear as frequently as the trichinae or the cysticercus cellulosse in

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valuable. The vasoconstrictor properties of digitalis

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makes more concentrated solutions (up to 5 per cent.)

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treated, varied in the estimate of modern authors as

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anything of importance. Study the history of any science and

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one's own pursuit, is best obtained by observing the methods

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nally, in the proportion of 3ij- to Oj. of water, or other fluids.

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special stimuli the result of its organized habit ; but it is a special-