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upon {be just appreciation of those subjects which it is the province of the medical man
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mal was detected in them ; and, in the peripheral nerves and muscles,
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more bilious in appearance, and of a less offensive character.
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now almost constant, attended with the most painful and harrassing tene-
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Loffler bacilli. ISTothing can surpass in brilliancy and sharp differentiation,
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Seventh — Advanced Life: from the sixtieth to eighty-sec-
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and he tells the story himself. Sir Thomas Browne, a
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In conclusion, Dr. Howard said : " You may say to me, suppose
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Presented before the Minneapolis Surgical Society, November
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attacked the optic nerve and certain of the ocular muscles, and had
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ture of the vertebrae, and induce suppuration which
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reported as having been successfully operated upon by Prof.
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Cohn's fluid resulted from a tuberculous infection,
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her her dot (dower), is a Avoman more or less innocent, but helpless, and
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should have come out with our just claims based upon a neg-
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be hostile to the Surgeon-General. This fact throws sus-
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surface of the cuneiform bone can be felt immediately below
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formed, as difficultly soluble as tartar, but which has not its granular
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the weight adjusted, that the whole may be readily either drawn
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of the other. Breathing was very distressed, the temperature
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which also lasted two days, during which time he could be roused
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1902 b.— Idem. Reprint. 8 pp. 8°. Jena. [Lib. Stiles.]
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and Pitres have published various observations ; Exner
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turn the commission in a political direction. Fortunately it was pre-
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Part IV. gives, in a tabular form, a synopsis of poisons with
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became 52.1 calories, an increase of 38.2 per cent. The antipyretic
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speech, nystagmus, or intention tremor — may be mistaken for cases of