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practical account the knowledge which they possess.
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eosin stain. No. 4 ocular, 2 mm. objective. Camera lucida.
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contained in the serum injected are susceptible of neutralizing to a
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when employed for colouring targets, was — bluish-grey, 5 ; rifle-
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Prof. Wm. Tully, of Yale College, was appealed to by Samuel
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half of the body, taken transversely, as both legs and thighs ; Paral-
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B. 4. No. 112, Book III. — Set of three calculi. Very irregular,
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placed in the hands of the Executive Board, with power to
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regard it as a nervous affection — a nervous debility result-
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the greatest medical writers of any age were the best
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the medical studies and runs as follows : 'T swear by Apollo, the
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in the rectum. And I was obliged to apply and press with all my might
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in the .'suppurating bubo a fat dii)lo-l)acillus wliicli did not stain by
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■exceedingly thirsty ; some have had paralysis of the sphincter of the
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was still over a hundred and very compressible ; respiration
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the emetic substance is to be administered ; but in the generality
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and refreshing at Weltervreden, Rysmik, and Panaabang, where the
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as to positions of head or breech, or infant mortality.
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this of course gave no indication of the condition cf the
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Sugared coffee, milk and honey should all be avoided.
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plump rods with rounded ends, very similar to colon bacilli. They are
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administration of streptokinase alone (P<< .01). 52 Aspi-
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may also explain why the protection is so limited and why
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rarely, when the bladder is also diseased and the proper condi-
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Richard Neale, M.D. Lond., etc. Third Edition. London :
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scription to fill any need. The work is a crystallization
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paring to be excreted from the body. These latter pass out in
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surgical, medical, ward, cooking, and table equipment — the whole
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1 70-bed hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic and
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this branch of medicine independently of surgical and
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and relatives to try something to help the sufferer. Each dose of
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except by a few bigoted men. The chief objections to the