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that this book is intended for that group of surgeons;
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The Southern Medical and Surgical Journal says : " This ex-
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roughened feathers, and loss of flesh. It is due to
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not yet advanced beyond the stage of an hypothesis; it is
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in the opposite direction ; there the bright area on the
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patient also is equally indebted to the untiring efforts of this
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upon the whole cutaneous surface of the chest, which is thus
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31st, 1916, the mortality was 73-7 per cent, in contrast with a
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up-to-date material will be found very useful to the
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us the error of counting on the infallibility of the means of past suc-
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impute to the obstinacy of the disease consequences entirely due to
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at the bottom' of the chamber. This is pus. The attack,
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immersed, then wrapped in water proof paper (to be obtained by'
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forms similar to those of nitrate of urea, from the sanguineo-
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after the reduction of hernia, there is often a continuance of the
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celli, Titian, and very many others, who would have
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blood. The purely mechanical influence outlasts the exercise for a com-
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flexed upon the leg, while the aide-pieces were secured to
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thus making the affair an exceptional one in its class.
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arrested, the condition is know as knee-spavin. The
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of the Society were not promptly sent in, there has been no time to con-
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lated into the Latin and most of the modern langua-
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under partial observation for nearly a year without the appear-
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bundle, one might assume that here also the atropin effect may have
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publications on the history of the pure sciences and medicine. The
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arouse ourselves to the extent of this encroachment. Let us