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the conversation fall into the same sluggish way. gradually
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pestilence in man, and it is only by this means that the
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ment which would fulfill the requisite indications ; namely, to allow
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extirpation of a testicle, which has undergone caseous degenera-
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golf links. In either country the cure is regarded as a harmless and
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I have said, in one part of this volume, that excess on the part of the male
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1813. He was graduated in arts from Union college in the class of 1830,
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mand the muscles to contract. This forgetfulness of the brain is oc-
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of infection by sputum have been recorded, some of which have
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Physiological Inquiry into the Origin of Sounds,' ' The External
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but they were numerous, and in all of them the heart was gravely
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the face treated by " 606." The principal interest in this
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would be no septic infection, I should not be very far from the
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kind, without the added inducement of the purer water.
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10. To eat a hearty supper for the pleasure experienced during the brief time it
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splenic function is based primarily on the observation that following
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although they do not always increase the gold in his coffers. A
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larity of interval of the recurring attack, from the
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at intervals of a few months. Such supervision for two
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J. M., aged 22 years, a tinner by trade, called at my office
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ferred upon Lord Lister, June 24 next, by the University
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contents pressed out. 'J'his ought to be done before the skin is involved.
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wards to the level of the radio-carpal articulation, and
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the patient is apparently arranging the next group of words in his
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and fibula, and could not dispense with splints for ten months.
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In the early morning a physician was called to attend her. Soon