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mann^" made numerous estimations of the diastatic activity in the

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either by the members of such boards or by the people at large.

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quently repeated fractional doses, for children dissolving one one-

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This led me to investigate the case narrowly, and I found my patient

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uniform product. The latter course he thought preferable. This

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this incision, a second one about an inch long, was

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Results of a Veterans Administration Cooperative study. N Engl J Med 1983;

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break away too long before the birth, in such a case those

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In the cold stage he desires plenty of external heat and warm drinks ;

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pulse in old people is not markedly increased by an attack of

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children have had undoubted leukaemia, all have had jaundice, most are

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iii. 1889 ; fVien. med. Blatt. 17th Oct. 1895 ; Trans. Seventh Intern. Congress of Hygiene

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him out of the saloon". We have been strong on the negative; we have

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Representing the American Medico-Psychological Association.

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death with their own uncertain concoctions ; that thousands become

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the diastole of the auricle, and the second, to the diastole of the

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affected with diphtheria is so extremely exceptional that Loffler, notwith-

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into convenient position, excoriated and sown up at the cost of

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was administered, 4 to 6 grains daily, beginning on the 10th of March;

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of the last $100,000 added a potent stimulus for the workers. The success of

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vided) . The Association believes it has a fairly adequate policy of

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mencing transudation, perhaps also — in case inflammation fol-

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ladonna and sulphurous baths in the treatment of diabetes insipidus. Its use

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irresponsible autocracy ; and now on with the fight in our war, the

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bladder, may say of all the bladder; hence nervous tonics are indicated,