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Mr. Hutchinson concludes that all the evidence tends to show that the

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special disease and implications respectively, and the author

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presiding judge, the jury, afler five minutes^ consultation,

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at 9 p. M., child dead. I was called at 9 P. M., Feb. 4th, urine

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neuralgia of glaucoma, or in rheumatic or post-operative iritis, it is of signal service,

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longitudinal sections through single villi, or through planes of

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the world as generally presented to us. We differ in opinion

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of their duties, would not reflect so much discredit upon them but

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geon at the Troy Hospital, and at present president of the Hospital Staff.

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the Danish war of 1864 he had himself seen happen. 27

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injuries to the eye constitute in themselves a very large chapter, and

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paper washed with distilled water until the washings

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struum, it should be boiled, so that its most objectionable part may be

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do not exist in the living body. We subjoin the analyses.

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the greatest medical writers of any age were the best

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the cornea and lens, its position in the vitreous will indicate

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you think I'm here for your every Beck and call?" Breakfast

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small bacillus present in pure culture in enormous numbers.

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between the pancreatic reaction in the urine and disease of the

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disintegrated; the urine is smoky in color, and the urine

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numerous nodules beneath the peritoneum in the sub-peritoneal tissue.

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chronic inflammation of the kidneys, that the amount of urea

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ders and sitfasts, down the front of the leg, over the

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universal outside the veterinary profession. It would be

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tion, is still seriously ill. The study of this case is incomplete, and the evidence

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those in 1901, we have a recovery of nearly 50 per cent. As regards

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the expected onset of labour. On abdominal palpation, the child

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Sprains are very frequent in hunting dogs, and are charac-

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