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that a committee of five be appointed by the chair to

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Much of the credit of our victory is due to our class president, who was not present during the rushes.

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ing in many respects a pitiful caricature of the human form and face.

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the judicious practitioner should treat as such. In some cases

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Derby the whole of the staff connected with the hospital had been

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patient is splay-footed ; the foot is no longer elastic, and walking is further im-

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Staff, in promoting its efficiency and high standing.

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The public is receptive to the idea of preadmission testing

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costal spaces would cause him to grunt or groan with pain. The

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and can be done through a lumbar incision in twenty minutes. During

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know and think that we think. Although our whole system undergoes

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pneumonia. In two cases there were tubercles, or consumption

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beyond the appearance of specific symptoms ; he is also

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ceptible. Menstruation appeared six weeks after labor and once again

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advisable to begin with half a pill and to gradually increase the

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residential part of the house and the dairy, no material

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during micturition, so as to maintain the normal vesical tonus