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limbs. It is comparatively frequent in children, particularly in
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H. C. Wood, of Philadelphia, an observer of world-wide reputa-
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ing a great deal of reliance on them, especially in cases where there
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Two hundred " clerks in one insane asylum ! and only fifty doctors ; these
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lime, phosphate of lime, and amraonio-magnesian phosphate.'
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that their symptoms, whatever they are, arise from debility.
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rounding them) can then be examined, and the genuineness — or otherwise— of the con-
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ers, for convenience it may be fastened on a wall and
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are not yet excluded from all the troops forming parts of civilised
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stance of the muscle to the bone. A few small arteries will be divided
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she passes in the contrary direction at the same rate, and
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were present a demonstrable dilatation of the stomach, indigestion, pain
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coracoid dislocation. The radiograph showed a part of the greater
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The patient survived the operation, living nearly twelve hours
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intubation. A patient may sometimes expel the tube from the larynx and
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number of muscles that will be paralysed. The more complete the
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or possessed of less consistency and greater acrimony, so that it
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lower border. The result of this is that the bandage
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of the butter (do not let it oil), pour over the bread crumbs.
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cyst, or an expanding benign tumour, fluid or semi-solid. The X-rays
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moderate degree of cold which we have for six or eight months in
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investigation. Yet if the congestion is very intense and wide-
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ish mass, about, three millimetres in diameter, surrounded the
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investigate them in such order of succession as will fa-
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feeble and compressible. The skin is cold and clammy
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termined either by their spontaneous recovery from the sarcoma, which,
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consideration. A clinical rather than a bacteriological classification offers