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portion of the uterus, and upon the anterior part a depression
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shock from the injury was very slight ; and when I last
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From the AIDS Institute, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Department of Medicine, University of California, Los
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has lost weight rapidly, and has had several slight attacks of
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blood. This curative serum of the immune rabbit is also capable
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New Jersey introduced a resolution at the 1981 Annual
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closely shut up from atmospheric pressure, and all influences
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women should be attended by mature nurses of their own sex, and men
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feet, etc., which might have been remedied in early childhood. Fifty
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Art.VHI. — ^Prof. S. D. Gross reports an interesting case
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the executioner — Porcius Cato, censor and physician . 53
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to beHeve the analysis correct. P]ven supposing that the thyroi<l
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; tion of therapy may warrant consideration of liver biopsy
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placed in a water bath at 38 =h 0.1°C. 5 cc. of the solution were
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quired, even tho our rabbits did die sometimes, in solving the problems
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Earth and water constitute the solids, and air and fire, or heat, are
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thing occurs in the germ-centres ; they have a peculiar arrangement
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our cut this time would be final. But alas! our hopes were soon
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doesn' t need to be f at to be liable to the disease. Animals that are hard
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ment may be found quite early, and is a forerunner of abscess forma-
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formed by bacilli of the same group as the immunizing strain are floc-
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leather, and, in other instances, emphysematous crepitation.
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teaching. During the first half of the nineteenth cen-
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To choose venison the meat should be fat, clear and bright,
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Cause and Treatment of Prolapsus of the Rectum. 170
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be given to the commoner applications for skin treatment of lotions,
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ised so favorably. While in attendance on two cases of typhoid fever, Dr.
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command what exercise he is to use and what air he is to breathe,