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University and trust that support for the teaching of Public Health

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Splenomegaly with Anitmia and Hftiuonhages. By James Galloway, M.D. ... 29

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is no evidence to show that it is ever hereditary. Holmes is of the same

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bacilli in the urine. The heart and the liver are next dealt with,

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exertion has appeared responsible for the disease, the true explanation

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ary divisions and through the special oratorical drill of the

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misuse and fraud will have to be provided against. But that

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Professor of Practice of Physic in the University, obtained permission from the

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inguinal canal, but it was probably during early infancy. The patient stated,

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sia,) in cases complicated with gastric and biliary derangements, or

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persons who have reached a good old age and never contracted

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in color, firm in consistence, and more or less symmetrically distributed

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• O .cloudy; C, clear; F., fair; G . fog; H. hazy; 8.. Braoky; R , rainj T.,threat

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The amount of gastric juice secreted in twenty -four

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so that the end, which is slightly rounded at the point, might be

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At the field and base hospitals no such simple routine can be followed

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erysipelas, and gangrene may manifest themselves, and the already altered

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With regard to local remedies it is to be remembered that great

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to surgery, in which he achieved marked success, rank-

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c Over het. ampt. der vroedmeefters, &c. pag. 10, IE.

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generous contact with our kind, a full career, and at

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so far, at least, as known to the patient. In our own case it could

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tal. To accomplish this end it must be well adminis-

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Arid the same with cattle or hogs; it is the quality that

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its existence to the fact, that in gonorrhoea no breach of surface occurs, and

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Wk liavc had R()nt<^cn li<;lit for time years, and even I,

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E. E. England, M.D. I should like to emphasize the importance

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great nostrum-monger in New York, down to the obscurest root-

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pulse in old people is not markedly increased by an attack of