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In a recent communication to the Academie de Mddecine, Marchoux
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womb, and originating one form of internal metritis characterized by frequent
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documented atherosclerotic peripheral arterial disease,
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remains with the immobile sick and wounded under protection of
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penis being drawn through a small hole in the centre of a piece of lint, sterilised
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the muscles of its own neighborhood, but that a stimulus applied to one re-
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special aptitude is required, and we should have no
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tions per minute (from 4,000 to 6,000), rather than to depend on measuring the
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from north to south, crossing under River Street to
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this one had one small area of malignant change. Ninety
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of rank, it has sometimes been difficult and delicate to
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tions were confirmed and extended in other species of insects by
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tions. Preface, Fractures, The Transport of Accident
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employed. The administration of bicarbonate of soda by mouth, by
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and proceeds at different rates. The disease usually begins either as
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Nationally, there are now 33,745,826 Blue Cross sub-
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dent of the Connecticut Botanic Medical Society, and President of the
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surrounding it with tubing, in which hot water was made to pass,
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to take a specified number of cases which come to a
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salutary effect. In a very few weeks it was better than
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Science. By Profs. JohnNeill. M.D., and Francis G. Smith,
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show the quantities and specific gravity of seven samples
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hospital, during the Civil War, but he soon acquired a full professional set of
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An epizootic disease is one that spreads rapidly, attacking large
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niques, including oral cholecystography, intravenous and