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skin diseases, especially those that induce scratching, should not be vac-
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fected. Boil over a slow fire, stirring occasionally, adding
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understand how the fluctuations of the ground water can be
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The umbilical vein was ruptured at the point of its entrance
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necessaiy, a mucous fistula persisted for some months, but our judg-
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One great drawback to the proceeding at present undoubtedly
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ment ' — a condition nearly akin to if not identical with trau-
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the abnormal to the normal condition. It is most important,
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that an abrasion (wounding) of an intact surface is necessary to the
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cent, the previous health was said to have been good.
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The London Lancet^ of March 5, contains a second instal-
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consider that this was accomplished almost fifty years ago, we should be
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respect to the human subject, there are several observations which
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schel has pointed out that the polar axis of the earth
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propensity receives a specific name, according to the character
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general reaction a., inevitable. They begin with compara-
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as a practical instrument, he was disposed to regard
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and outcome of the disease. This result is well illustrated in the
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