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of the intra-abdominal fat. There are other conditions also which

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dromes, especially in children. Collected statistics are as follows:

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their customers a destructive compound of Spanish juice, spirits, sul-

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the average depth of the uterine cavity is but slightly increased

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bronchophony throughout the dull areas ; friction sounds in various parts

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the same manner as if the neck were constricted by a rope. These patients almost

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lax a way, the emotions being unwarrantably combined and

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sists in the extraction of a certain amount of carefully dried and

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realizing that it was hell afloat; without understanding wh}' sailors

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1888, reports the case of a peasant, aged twenty-eight,

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vol. xiii. p. 117.— 16. Russbll, Eisien. Phil. Trans. B. 1894, pp. 833-6.— 17.

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in the substance of the gland; or submammary, originating in the

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oerning their actiun. whiuh I wuulil ant wieb to rate at higtier than it u

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material which has been accumulated by professional

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or post back of her, pulling the foot back far enough

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we march, for such is life, and such is death. A convention

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which cows are subject, and most of which are directly trans-

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friendly com2)anionship " (and I will add magnetism), "which either

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blotting-paper soaked in a solution of logwood turns purple

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who were in personal communication with Jehovah, have connection with

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mother, witli tlie result of ^eltin^ the history as before

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Mr. Smith set down the cup of fragrant tea his wife had

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(Lind, Tioo Papers on Fevers, London, 1763.) I have been nnable to verify this reference.

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phorus poisoning, and are with difficulty distinguished. In all doubtful

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mentioned he prefers to unite it with lymphatism, and not with scrofula.

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all probability, know nothing of the principles of physiology

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quickens the circulation, and occasions the heart to palpitate, that is, to

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tle Doctors. The child, above alluded to, had been bitten at least twelve

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service it occurred at Charity Hospital. Without the cooperation