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When the forceps, pushed backward in this manner, bulges the

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the preponderance of first pregnancies that is observed with eclampsia.

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chapters, being the prominence given to recent bacteriological work.

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abomasum of a cow that I have had slaughtered, seeing that

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tion. Two inches of the tibia wcre^ denuded, and there was a deep

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— rather late some of us think, but in time to be there at the finish.

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Miss T., aged 24 years, In health weighed 140 lbs. In December, 1880, was taken sick with

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suitable. Seeing that the apparatus required for its administra-

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dry " style, which is not attractive, except perhaps to those who are pre-

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of such different State Boards as may elect to join the

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merely because it was transmitted to them by their forefathers,

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about three days. With the exception of these two occasions,

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Medical Center, 588 Eagle Rock Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052.

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yet, but that he had been prevented from making a serious

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after the discovery of gun-cotton in 1846 to manufacture it in

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In the cases of small warts and callosities, the dressing is allowed

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mistaken for other tumors in the true pelvis. An examination

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mia rests in this, that the first mentioned is only empowered to

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tagonizes this effect by relaxing the blood vessels and allowing