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College, Manchester, also read a paper, in which he discussed
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nences, in such a manner, that from the examination of these protuberances by
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that it is situated in the cortical motor zone. I have found experi-
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Field Hospitals if occurring shortly before operation is a valuable
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and scrotum ; sliijht coucili, vvitli saltish expectoration; some dys-
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up oxygen, or both. There are other possibilities; but I shall not
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time has elapsed. They are not unknown, and he detailed a case
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is to take some convenient position and describe it carefully on the report.
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age, that it is unnatural to die young, and that, even those in the last
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more resistant than adults to the hepatotoxic effect of an
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when confined to the healthy women of the household caused disease ; it is
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lower parts of the lungs, the apices being healthy ; the phenomena
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^ For instances of tTiis kind the reader is referred to Degnerus, Hist. med. de Dysenteria,
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graduated in 1896. He was appointed assistant physician at the St. Peter Hospital
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being determined by the number and relative force of the several harmonics
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middle walks of life. The rich, the elite, the educated, the
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the following scheme, in which to tabulate the characteristics.
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and dedicated to the ' cimex lectularius,' for this pur-
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ried off before completing their tiist or second year, but when we consider
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to beHeve the analysis correct. P]ven supposing that the thyroi<l
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cancer— one that, instead of dousing the body with toxic chemi-
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it is incident and inherent in the body when in integrity to resist
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tricular diastole of the aortic valves counterbalancing the
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those of acute gout, and recur, at longer or shorter intervals during
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In addition to the above, during the past five years I have used with
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unlikely member of the buttercup family. Bugbane grows