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you will note the thorax contracted on the one side and expanded
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ancestors. The efforts of man are tending to a reduction
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9. Robert Hubbard, Middletown, mi " Bright's Disease."
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and worn only at night. Sent by mail, postage paid, on receipt of $3.
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Association of Philadelphia; Consulting Physician to the Widener Home for
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successful : — Major — Henry Vernier, Quebec ; Jules Hirtz,
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Whereas, the practice of modern holistic medicine em-
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Most often, death occurs only after several days (from 3, 6 to
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from benumbed extremities, and the bronchitis that may follow
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Art. 254. — Injection of Perchloride of Iron in Postpartum
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he received four grains of ichthyol every four hours,
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for the real state of the case as it exists. In one sense all nerves
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