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a mixture of these colours ; their consistence is Avatery or pultaceous,

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microorganism. The abscess which forms at the point of inoculation may be

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Treat the hemorrhage. Once the cranial cavity is well exposed, the

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mals, vegetables, and minerals, the functions of nu-

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one guinea pig to another or from rabbit to rabbit.

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tatives from all over the county unanimously passed a

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face promotes dissipation of heat also ; a gentle flagillation

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Sir William Jenner, in a clinical lecture on scarlet fever, given

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This lasted for three years and remained cured for four. The boy was sud-

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inches wide, and about six feet in length ; this will fit nicely

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may show a steady increase from hour to hour. Such an increase is not

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well as the parents are all females. For generation after gen-

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three months old. One may order the kind of pig he wants,

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administered by a physician, as it will be like the

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tion being regarded as analogous to the inflammation of lymphatic

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surface, such as that of a wound, it is absolutely incapable of

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direction. If the instrument is to be ti^en apart the blades a must first b«

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•61 105 a.j. American journal of anatomy. Vols. 1-

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California" tells more fully the story of his life.

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tinations among those who had had but one course of immunization

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The bulk of the papilla had a hypersemic appearance, whilst the