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more efficient if the tonsils are removed, it insists upon operation for
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524. Another Seed Oake (Good)— Ingredients— i lb. of butter,
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right lateral ventricle. The brain was otherwise healthy.
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the urine commenced to dribble away, gtUtatim, night and day, so that he was
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tension of the anterior ethmoidal air space, however, the swelling
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sluices ; but no more has been prepared than was necessary, for Nature
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two-thirds, than the wounds of each of the other sections of the
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nosis is made positive by the discovery of the tubercle bacillus. It
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" The reaction of the aorta, and the closure of the sigmoid (aortic) valves,
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supportive therapy as clinically warranted GASTROINTESTINAL EFFECTS-Though usi
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and she was quite sure tlat they would be harmed, but that she was
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which any untoward symptoms have been produced by it. —
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board, but that along all our routes of river and railroad
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of the irritation. Consequently, when the sputa are unmistak-
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is, howeyev, exceedingly difficult in many cases to relieye the
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grains given in two portions of seven and a half grains each at
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such. Nowher<' has this failure to recognize the din-
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spleen may be present in cerebrospinal meningitis as well as in typhoid fever.
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laughed aloud at these unexpected words, he went on:
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plaining either of a dull wearying ache in the prsecordial region,
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is only rational treatment and assisting nature to open the mastoid, immediately
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syphilitic granulomatous new growths, the writer proceeds :
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^iven to one man to make a greater addition to it than
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and they are quickly freed from the noises after a few more
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results of malaria, nervous prostration or other indef-
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the left knee-joint, which suggested an epiphyseal origin.
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miparje are affected more frequently than multipar^e. The state
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hand which uses it, which insures success;" and many others to the same
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tions. The introduction of a methyl group into theo-