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In 1844 Mr. Horace Wells, of Hartford, had a tooth ex-

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obstruction, and he wondered whether the stretching of the sphincter in this

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lethargica, acidosis, trench fever, are among the subjects discussed

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in the ventricles of larger animals when they contract

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The author has found, however, that whenever a longer period

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membrane stretched between, so that there is no direct communication

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]Magendie's adoption of the Baconian method gives the Edinburgh

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28. The Agency of the Mind in Etiology, Prophylaxis, and Therapeutics. Dr.

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exists but the heart action is strong and orderly. This indicates that

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he received four grains of ichthyol every four hours,

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seen in their eyes. — 'Thclolium temuhntum, & species

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cause for this falling off in its comparative frequency

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ence ; we also consider that the appearances presented by the lesions in

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except by a few bigoted men. The chief objections to the

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pulls it out of the sheath, and with the bistoury in the right

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rapid and marked reaction of the coloring matter of the urine with nitrous acid

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by them to Parliament and to be imprisoned in Holmeby

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has w'ritten an introductory note of two j)ages which ex-

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University ever bestowed the latter degree. He was presid-ent of the board of

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centages of the different ingredients, in which ingre-

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coccus (in chains), streptobacteria ; gliococcus, gliobacteria ; petalo-

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care of persons in all income groups, Now, therefore,

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"Case 6. — Mrs. B., 57 years old. Case of Dr. D., of Baltimore. Has been suffer-

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etherized to s'.oring anaesthesia for about rive minutes.

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to hold the parts in approximation. Both exert a compressing force

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Marc has found tar-water as useful in hemorrhage as

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at the point where the facial nerve emerges from the stylo-mastoid