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merits is that he was the first to dissociate medicine from priest-
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loids, hydrastia (white), berberina, and xanthopue-
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arteries supplying the organs were four in number — a^>ove,
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This, like A, congesta, is found everywhere in the hills and moun-
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tained the necessary amount of virulent, infectious material to
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Drs. Ross, Michel and Anderson were appointed a com-
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schools of this country. If we were again in our student days, we would
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then took place and another injection of vaccine was given and
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mouth to wonder, but not to speak — as the i)hoto-
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conspicuous, and perhaps they have been of less benefit
doctors who prescribe antabuse in ct pbs
palate and the epiglottis ; therefore, except in the act of swallow-
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of the coronoid process and part of the shaft of the ulna, had been
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cup of hot water, one hour before breakfast. — Medical Sentinel.
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affected side; organic reflexes normal. Patient is depressed mentally,
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The decrease of acidity (thoueh not alkalinity) was noticed by Spengler** from
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as albumin in the urine, a high tension pulse, and hypertrophied heart.
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and a statutory declaration (vide below) must be made by two friends of
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Institute (Ptisa), Guy's Hospital Gazette, The Indian Medical Gazette, The Medical Journal of
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tion is the decision. Therefore, surely, in the long run, at least,
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'*The subjects of these cases were two children, one aged twelve and the
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experience has confirmed the conclasion I drew from this
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and China. It may be mistaken for pulmonary hemoptysis.
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By the action of the heart and the respiratory organs we are