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tion in the affirmative, namely, that the fibres reach the respirators-

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formation in the liver becomes stimulated long before the other tissues,

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shown by the high degree of cirrhosis of the liver found in the

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police-station by the person in charge. Neglect of this is an offence

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or bathe. The men are even taught how to pare and clean the finger-

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oil which nature throws out on the skin is designed for the wise purpose of a lubri-

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from difficult breathing. No more precise history could be

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than in ordinary cases of tabes dorsalis, and the electrical reactions remain

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which can be regarded as its home. There are at present regions in Asia and

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the suffocative paroxysms : I have endeavoured to point out to you

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delicate blood vessels. These air cells, the small bron-

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We cannot forbear speaking of this splendid Agricultural Monthly. It

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cally the same blood changes are found as in CO poisoning

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a body cell should be transmitted to its descendants, in

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ning over a pulley, and counter-extension is provided by raising the

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ability, and cannot enj<»y the status that military rank should give ?

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breath during forced expiration or coughing, before the charac-

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the bowel the sloughs have separated, and no vestige of the mucosa or

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must be treated as if they were not. One is constantly reminded