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of even a short stoppage of the forced respirations

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relief of abdominal pressure during the operation, and

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repeated shiverings, etc. On the fifth day the anorexia was complete.

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383 a.d. Pilgrimages to Conques then took place from

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the biscuits or rolls, divide them, keeping the top half for a

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of excitement lasted for about four months, to be replaced by a phase of general

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scheduled diseases under the Diseases of Animals Act.

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Chop up the beef. Add the bacon fat or beef fat, and add sufficient

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(c) As the sexes exist normally in about equal proportions, it

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&c. All the apparatus required is a cylinder of carbonic

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gress. Grisolle' s work contains a very voluminous bibliography.

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formed in France, to examine milch cows, and forbid

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on the 29th day, and the recovery has been rapid and com-

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fills the lacunae may become calcareous or chalky in char-

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was not more local inflammation than is usually met

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became bloody, apparently indicating pulmonary embolism.

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usefulness of further treatment has not been demonstrated

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the plants grow so large that it is difficult to cultivate with-

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Surgeons, Surgeon to the New York Hospital, etc. New York: D.

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spirits, and oftentimes his temper, and in some instances borders

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which cool off slowly, as brick and stone ones, and the

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