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in each instance. Only students of high scholastic standing will be

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of antiquity which still lie buried underneath the Herculaneum tufa. It is

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important facts, then, the causal connection between a large group

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I have observed this result from bryonia in many cases,

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Brooklyn, and adjacent town?, are requested to register

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field. The sections on food allergy and on pollens and

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twenty years, to the time when Dr. Barlow of London in

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be made if, instead of a rigid semipermeable membrane such as that

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in water; c = 1.017. When rapidly heated to 195°, then slowly, it

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death was not premature (through exhaustion or intoxication), the

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short time. Nine, P. M. — Have seen my patient several times

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while the rationale of the many changes is left as mystical as

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very common in brain syphilis, and very rare in general paralysis. In

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Finny, Dr. J. M., on pulmonary hemorrhage as a cause of consumption 54

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trachea ; there are four vessels called neela (blue),

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tance attached to it in the mind of its author, can

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fatal terminations : nineteen were sent to foreign hospitals,

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The fever in all forms of tuberculosis is frequently accompanied by

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disease. When, moreover, the weakness is hemiplegic in distribution,

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gastric, mesenteric, and bilious fevers. Dr. Murchison says, that

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in the incipient stages and after the advanced stages were reached

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massage, the can^ was at once discarded ; he was put on exercise,

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tion. Oswald further states that thyreoglobidin from hog th} roid con

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•541 Jones, H. C. Elements of physical chemistry.

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efforts during the next few weeks to interest their medical

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therefore a more abundant secretion of milk, particularly if their

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Cathy Civis; Back Row. Jeremy Parsons, Keith Ison, Mark Reed,