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14. In the trephined part new bone developed from the periosteum;

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good nourishing food and tonic medicines, particularly some

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(2) If after reduction of fractures of long bones no crepitus can

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instructions which I have received from their fathers. May I

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The first thing in connection with these operations is to be clean in

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preparation of Ambrosia artemisia, which has been exploited with

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being regarded as the basis of comparison. The ribs are extended

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thus treated — demonstrated at the autopsy, it is true, for,

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which tends to render the upper classes enormously rich, and the lower classes

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lecture room, museum, and laboratory. The first part contains chapters on Physiologj-,

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closed at the time of defsecation by energetic spasmodic contraction of

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tion as well as broadening of the bones of some of the fin-

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Antiphlogislication, veratrine, amelioration, relapse, cupping and visiea-

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Oldfield, F., 174a Boyson Road, Camberwell Grate, S.E.

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their experiments are sufficient to show that the commercial strophanthin,

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of that cavity ; he prefers that the Eustachian tube should

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but the author evidently regards this as less important than the teachings

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opposed to operating in idiopathic epilepsy and was skeptical as to the value

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lymphocytes were scattered here and there through the

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extended through the several classes and orders of animals in nearly the order

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referred. Among them the following groups may be distin-

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curred a notable exception, the first in the memory of the "oldest in-

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in cold climates, he is apt to become bilious, and this is a pre-

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dental surgery, aud medicine for clinical instruction

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