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other parts of the white matter were also degenerated, but the ]josterior
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hrs. 39 min.; with the bromide, 3 hrs. 31 min.; and with the chloral, 4 hours
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last three days the vomiting has increased until he seemed to get rid of the
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for a fresh lot of books. He finds, also, that some of
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of the uterus, as I maintain the words perimetritis and parametritis must
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strips and aspiration of the cyst with Potain's apparatus was done.
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dicated in many forms of uterine haemorrhage ; whether this occur
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heavy, thick, or long head, will show with less advan-
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take place, and certainly the present meeting was a very good indication
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loose structures as the prepuce, scrotum, and lower eyelid, we nee<l
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months (so Mr. Seward assured me), and I wished to be near my dear
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by Joshua A. Nunn] <Vet. J., Lond., o. s. (304), v. 51, n. s., v. 2 (10), Oct.,
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(15.) If you use ground feed, r<"member that at many of
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can, whatever may be the nativity of the contributor.
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nised bearing on the diagnosis of intestinal involvement are
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far from a constant symptom. The patient may present some signs of
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there may exist oedema of the lower limbs and puffiness of the face, and one may
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amount of regular exercise, may materially diminish his own
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labour then progressed very well, each pain dilating the os by means of the
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it contains six pages of printed matter, four of which serve as a
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unfrequently An excessive flow of bile is induced, which
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pointed French bistoury, with which he tried first in one posture
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many lives are lost Now, if I should go with you to see
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out having caused any obvious affection of intelligence, or paralysis of
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*See note page G4, Prof. VAN BUREX & KEYES, on Urinary Organs.
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helplessness, feebleness, and dependence upon others.
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1734. The operation has several varieties — that of the cord with
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whether it was new or had ever been tried. In these
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methods as applied to septic warfare wounds. During the last