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Formaldehyde generator: This is furnished in several types which
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cough 125, measles 85, diphtheria 75, fever 39, diarrhea 33, scarlet
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medical care and contribute to a rewarding -rofessional
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sates with each stroke of the heart ; but, owing to its peculiar condition
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antibody for a particular bacterium the greater the resistance of the corres-
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priate empiric antibiotic treatment before serologic con-
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to the genital or^rans. The whole surface of the skin is irritable to an astonish-
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scientific inquiry {Centralhl. f. Nervenh. u. Psychiat., Berlin and Leipzig,
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constantly present. The lung is firmer and heavier than normal and its size
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4. Weiss and Klinoelhoffek. Klin. Monatsbl. f. Aug. 1897, xxxv. p. 71. — 5. Mcllek.
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most prompt, vigorous, intelligent, and careful treatment. Three essen-
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air-containing cells and is six and a half inches long.
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not only judiciously select, but who could critically
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in color and of soft consistence. These nodules vary in size from a
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Treatment. — Should the colt's mouth, while teething, be hot and
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follows : rub the affected quarter with oil of turpentine,
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fluid. This child was also easily delivered. Both were stillborn
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sino-auricular node, had bleen forced, by partial isolation of this node,
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other known toxins. MacFadyan and Rowland, by grinding streptococci
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Gates, Dr. A. 8., on chlorate of potassa in bowel complaints 244
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contact with the septic saliva, chloride of zinc (forty
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results are the best yet reported, it is still a matter for the