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digestion. — Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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be separated from the double-stranded RNA-DNA hybrid molecules.

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be given to the commoner applications for skin treatment of lotions,

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boiled, as boiling hardens the tissues, breaks up the fruit and changes

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tine, and suppositories of belladonna and opium should

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and having beaten them up cook in water to a thin paste.

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heard at both bases, chiefly in the left. Urine contained a small

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between the blood which enters, and that which issues from, the

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In Still's disease striking results are obtained by the static

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to applications of garlic, when everything else has failed.

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one guinea pig to another or from rabbit to rabbit.

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was only an experiment, did good in a few cases on Mrs. Duke's farm,

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only the minor positions or assistant inspectorships should

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this case. We cannot get beyond " the proVjable," because

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marked or aggressive symtomatology and in a case such as I had

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and steal as for an individual to do that thing. (Applause).

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one-sixth of the University, and the facilities afforded the