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bear, frequently repeated, as is the custom of many to treat pneumo-
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produce pneumococcidal action in the blood stream. In our cases administration
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chain, the echoing lash, and mingled cries and vociferations of the
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cal to seek an explanation for the origin and propagation of malaria
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As to our own country, affairs are in a chaotic state. In 1895 a bill was
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in many acute cases the simple evacuation of the subperiosteal abscess is
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merchant was unable to tell how many children he had. Could not quite
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took a lively part in a wedding banquet he himself gave
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rheumaticus" is distinct from the ordinary streptococcus and is the specific
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Microscopy : Dr. Topley had to decalcify before he could get a
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the gland cells does not contain any active proteolytic enzyme, although
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perfection, fitting them superbly to live in women's hotels in
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cussion over a solid organ like the liver. The liver vi-
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are destructive changes referable to the bile stasis. The stasis, though brought
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Uotes and Medical Items are solicited from all parts of the
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and a muco-purulent discharge can be expressed therefrom. Skene's
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the question of insanity in criminal and in testamentary cases,
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treatment of pain, and cannot fail to see the importance of
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having received any injury; but the hemorrhage attracted his
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an inch of the anus. Divide the skin and fascia, when you may
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present in large numbers (5,000,000 per of blood). These cells
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Dogs were readily anaesthetised by carbon bisulphide. It seemed to be
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workers of the station, from whom they would like help. Let the prob-
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thickly furred ; while the saliva is acid. The urine is high coloured,
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cation and revivification of the blood was the of&ce
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Diagnosis : — In making an examination over the stomach