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of children, and the absence of ringing in the ears permits the use of

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them. The boy's first cigar or pipe of tobacco sickens him,

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dexiocardia may take place in either direction, and

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due to the existence in the circulating blood of an infective agent which,

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completely, we have arrived at the conclusion that the epidermis

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The object, as in scarification and puncture, is to

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London Lancet, Vol. 11., 1857, page 461, by J. Z. Laurence,

lack of disulfiram-like reaction with metronidazole and ethanol

Oriy. M§mh. 8cTT05, Heket Oawek, M.B., Physician to, and

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when we remember the readiness with which atropine and

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several attacks of chills and fever the last of which occurred ten years ago, had

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improved by auto-vaccines. The prostate now is only moderately

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the snake. while darting out his tongue. The effect was as instanta-

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the proportion of 100 : 32.6 for four successive days.

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— approximately 37 per cent. It is, perhaps, worth while adding that

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silver sutures applied. The time occupied with etherization and operation

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is cervical laceration the indications for surgical inter-

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volumes of facts about it. Surely the care of this factory should be

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I need hardly state here that tuberculosis in the bovine race,

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cipitable by alcohol in all the concentrations used (Table V).

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Vicksburg, Miss. Nearly sixteen thousand poor children of

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agglutinated masses at the bottom of the tube, while in the tubes