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kind, without the added inducement of the purer water.
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Incised wounds are especially apt to be attended by bleeding;
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same thing. This is especially true of the white blood corpuscles, and
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well as right wrist pain. The right knee was aspirated. The
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ernment Hospital for the Insane at Washington, to fill
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information regarding early medical activities at St. Andrews. %
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shank's battery; Ist, the nerve of a frog's leg, and 2nd, a delicate voltameter;
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of a loan free of interest. The establishment of such a fund
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canal adjusting itself to the change in food. The danger
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distinction is sometimes made between specific and non-specific toxins. The
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that, excluding mere fat, a large person always implies a large
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Ncevus. — Radiotherapy has been used in the treatment of nsevus
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There were from twelve to fifteen boys, some of them good swimmers.
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is reduced gradually ; this is necessary in order to avoid error. At
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one ounce ; pour on a quart of boiling lime water; let it
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hand of her mistress. Eather than let our country come even
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The Author also acknowledges with much pleasure the
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July 19-20— High Risk Emergency Medicine: Preventing Malpractice.
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Am. Ophthalmolog. Soc. ; Interperiodic Cong, of Ophthal. ; Bos.
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Everything seemed to return to a normal state, when the first
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is there a generic antabuse syndrome
nature. This has been the only barrier to the success of many experi-
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with their backs arched over the lever, and as the victim must see
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serous irido-cyclitis. The condition now recognised by that name
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on change of residence. (5) To the advertisement of a certain
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ONE cause may be in some viciousncss of the yard, as
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venture to hope that even in the lifetime of the senior members