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article. He says, that the number of the Journal containing the reply has not

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The thyroid treatment caused no unpleasant symptoms whatever, so

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Abdominal viscera negative except for cloudy swelling. Small intestine above

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to the ethmoid cells, the frontal or sphenoidal sinus, and the antrum of High-

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has not, so far, been productive of much good. In a marked septic case of the

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respiratory quotient is therefore unity (Equation 1). With fats and pro-

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I think there is a probability that we shall see a slight increase in the

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in each individual, independently of the character of the

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slowly, the continuing mucous secretion causes dis-

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nary tuberculosis is arrested, there is a liability to its recurrence

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Certain investigators, however, deny that it has yet been conclusively

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occasion he took me by the arm, and quietly pushing me

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that there is no immediate trophic change ; whereas, in the case of

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immediately combines with the available acids to form neutral ammonium

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ous suture the flaps of peritoneum, and then closing the

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is to be worn for a time after she is allowed to sit up and walk; and cold

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without assistance for upwards of a mile ; the power of the upper extremity is

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dren and young people alcohol exerts no favorable influence on

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questionable. Other clergymen, who have considered this subject,

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and evening; or (still better) four half-pailfuls, at four

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for yourself if it is humanly possible to obtain a doctor; but do look your-

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