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child, have adopted the first, and a few the last of these alternatives.

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And we may add, that as great mechanical results can-

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advantages and disadvantages of each, in what syphilitic conditions

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which equally defy, what Hahnemann designates " antipathic" treat-

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example of this is a fibrous tumor between the neck and point of

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exclusive. Next in number to the Germans follow the

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health." Yet the doctor is looked upon as her benefac-

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examined nince delivery, an previouHly it wan rontaroi-

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ened in virulence as to produce no effect when inoculated into the normal

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or wnte Ed Novelli, Interim Physicians, 4155 E Jewell,

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Besides the diplococcal form the microbe appeared in the form of

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substance, that there are no diagnostic signs by which we

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secondly, to expansion from within. The compression is produced- by

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Fig 317. — Incision of the s-aginal mucous membrane for abscess in the posterior

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has been faid already, advife not to loofe the placenta

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of Gartner, to which, in fact, he attributes tlie disease in which it was found.

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the Council, no trivial reason should induce them to leave before

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terior walls of the axilla; in rheumatism of the trapezius, the dis-

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each from the army, navy, marine hospital service, and department

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for thirteen months before his admission to Bellevue Hospital (March, 1915).

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and mind, and a little relaxation became necessary. At about 8

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If the deeper significance of the nucleus-plasma relation has

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most cases the patient suffers from alternating attacks of con-

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myrrh, feverfew, raugwort, nutmegs, mace, amber, ligni

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its circumference the substance of the body is seen to draw itself

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diabetes. In half the cases of diabetes in which the writer has seen or made

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The Result of Clipping.— k fine horse was clipped