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In order that the medical staffs at the several places may not

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Physical Examination. — Poorly developed and nourislied. Heart and lungs

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the principal area presenting anteriorly an elastic feel, giving rise to

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believing that she was the subject of any serious organic mischief.

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pointing to organic invoh^ement of the heart. I recommended that

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(upper) and right (middle) intraventricular pressure curves. A, normal

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according to the same observers, in making albumen appear in

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results of malaria, nervous prostration or other indef-

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without developing any of the complications which are usually the

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tendency to progress slowly. . Through the kindness of Mr. Startin,

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Science is to a full and intimate recognition of our ignorance.

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of reclamation and irrigation. It is an admitted fact that

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Tellow Fever occurred. One died on the 18th of August ; Dr.

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' Peruin : — Bulletins de la Sociele Anaiomique for 1861, p. 247.

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erigeron, turpentine, gallic and tannic acid, lead acetate, sesquichlorid of

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the use of a good magnifying power, the supposed parasites were

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is to overcome the preconceived prejudice of the owner and

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10. Cohnstein, J. Blutveranderung wahrend der Schwangerschaft. Arch.

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course, and he was always capable at business until

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Etingin, Orli R. Assistant Professor of Medicine. Assistant

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pericarditis. In cases with clinical evidence of one or more of these

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of copying. Another form is, water, 13 drachms, gum,

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exudations into which it may happen to enter, arc (to use the language

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always come for advice regarding their real disease. They

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and was never very intelligent. (He is now onlj' in the second

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