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children's diseases, 1,574; skin diseases, 1,072: nervous 807:

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Death resulted at the end of the fourteenth week after vaccination. The

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bacillus has been observed in this country, although cases of this descrip-

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erysipelas; after a few clinical inquiries, the nurse is

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pulse will be found feeble and the extremities cold, while occa-

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2d. Diminish vascular supply, by saline cathartics, nauseants, direct

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bed all their lives or have ambulation problems. Severe

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Entophytes are found in every part of the body. Several

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about 100"4° F. ; if the effect of the drug seems to come slowly

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comprehension, varied knowledge, and good intentions, which are to be found

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Many hundreds of times, during the professional career of the

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said of the catheter, the probang, or indeed any instrument

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and eleven cases of tuberculous laryngitis, or 20"85 per cent.,

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between ray fingers, I passed the whole hand into the vagina,

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inished. Pupillary reflexes and loiee jerks present. No visceral mani-