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do not owe, at least in part, their effect to the hydrating, oxydo-
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and cauterize the end of the cord with the red-hot iron; — this is a pop-
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are poor subjects for operation, and it is from this class of cases
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above of its normal size. The swelling was everywhere of
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ished persons who are debilitated by chronic or severe acute
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presented two cases of extroversion of the bladder,
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because it is difficult to then use the blood lead level to
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indicative of tuberculosis in the child than in the adult.
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other, as the element concerned in giving contagious
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not be forgotten that the symptoms of the disease are sometimes amelior-
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the blood pass through the capillaries, and into the venous system.
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and pointed out the changes that take place in the blood. — Dr. R. i\L
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blood from the venae cavse, static hypersemia of the hrain^ stasis
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diarrhceal diseases, whooping-cough, erysipelas and fevers)
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Surgeon to Out-patients — F. B. Harrington, M. D.
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thra, enlargement of the prostate gland, or stricture. Very many
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cause it to overpower the muscles opposing it on the
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