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and moist. The small intestine above the obstruction is dilated and thickened.
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studied by every abdominal surgeon. The vital importance of this subject
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1839. Dr. Henry Bronson, on the Mental qualifications necessary to
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bissac). In incising palmar abscesses the only safe way is to
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tlie varieties of stammering, with this difference, that the mechanism
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The question of amputation suggested itself, and was
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It was said above that animal food was best adapted
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The point which we are making is that the companies do not now
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inspections among the working classes has given rise to a
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You may not have done an operation which resulted in a death, but you may be an unprejudiced witness
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the coming doctor of the town, and our mare is not spav-
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by a difiuse, hot, tender, shining, itching swelling, spread-
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myomata uteri before the operation, one of the most impor-
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*' At the commencement of the disease, there is sometimes no fever, or it is
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nuchs ; and that is, the incision or cutting of the veins behind
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In five cases of natural infection in dogs they found the following:
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femoral articulation; and denuded the head of the femur of its
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its close, the destcuction of vegetation is not unusuaL In the winter,
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noticed. The functions of the bladder and rectum are
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systems on which all life depends, especially when we don't
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gleaned, except what every one knew, that large supplies
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the animal often dies from bleeding, when there is no trace of blood to
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from storm and vicissitude. Lord Ashley had detected
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met and righted. And in the conditions found, which may be
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ing to cicatrix, that it has become useless as an organ of prehen-
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be present, which later on may assume a purple tint. The skin