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placing of the organ. A common cause of the affection is tardy evacuation

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writer named Guez (a beggar) felt such extreme shame

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— 19. Brown, Sanger. Brain, vol. xv. 1892, p. 250. — 20. Bruns. Neurolog.

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the appendix, but I doubt if its presence is due to pres-

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section upon the dead to rescue the child for the rite of baptist

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pharmaceuticals based on N-substitution of iminodiacetic acid. J

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pathetic woman who has borne children and reared them to manhood.

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bacilli. The physical signs are rales, either fine crepitant or moist and

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probably by depressing the nervous centres and leading to vaso-

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if it be diagnosed before opening the bladder, the Bottini operation

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optimistic in regard to local treatment of gastric hemorrhages than

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have had less cause to have issued his decree to kill the

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rendered easier, either by a projection forward of the anterior

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more particularly of the long bones, and made notes about

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Paine, R. [M. R. C. V. S., Govt. Vet. Surg., Beaufort West, South Africa.]

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was really the seer of the turf. He was 80 years old, and passed

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oil in twelve cases of rickets, thirty-nine cases of scrofula, and fifty-two cases

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place. If there is any lead in the wound, the yellow colour of iodide of lead

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prevalent form of phthisis, is of such importance that it will be